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Flat Roof
A flat roof is a type of covering of a building. In contrast to the sloped form of a roof, flat roofs are horizontal or nearly horizontal. Materials that cover flat roofs should allow the water to run off freely from a very slight inclination. As with most traditional flat roofs (Tar and Gravel system or Membrane Systems) extended exposure to the elements will lead to the failure of the roofing system, resulting in a costly roof repairs or replacement.

Final Flat Roof ™
Final Flat Roof ™ is a thermo-set roof coating that was developed in 1959. It is the only flat roof restoration product that can be install over any existing flat roof and extend its life for up to 20 years. Final Flat Roof ™ has a 3 proprietary chemicals and additives that enables our coating to be installed under water if necessary. Final Flat Roof's ™ thermo resistance barrier performs similar to R-19 insulation. From the sub-freezing climate of the artic oil fields to the extreme dessert conditions of Kuwait Final Flat Roof ™ has performed to the highest standard. No special equipment all you need is a paint roller and an drill to mix. No special skills needed, in 15 minutes we can teach anyone how to successfully restore their flat roof.

A Most Amazing Product!
In 1985, Final Flat Roof ™, was used to repair a 400 GPH leak in the double hull of the Battleship TEXAS. This repair was performed under water and is still holding even after 24 years. Final Flat Roof ™ water imperviousness is partly because of its ability to "out wet" water. It has a mechanical and physical/chemical imperviousness to water that water cannot overcome - EVER!!!

For this reason, Final Flat Roof ™ can be applied through standing water.

Benefits of Final Flat Roof ™
• Lower Flat Roof Repair Costs
• No Flat Roof Maintenance Costs
• Lower Energy Bills - Reflective Roof Coating

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